Wednesday, October 23, 2019


Someone came to read, and left a comment I very much appreciate in my letterbox, pursuant the previous posting here.
To whit: "U R FLUFFY!.....and you used to love zebras too, as far as I can remember.
Very sorry to read that the savage kitten has left, but I'm very delighted to notice that you are just as crazy and funny as centuries ago.

Um, the zebra thing? A friend requested that I post recipes for zebra meat. Having briefly been involved with an outfit that sold bush meats, I obliged. And since then, many readers from England visit regularly, because after mad cow, they discovered that they loved zebra too.

Savage Kitten and I are no longer a couple, but we are still friends. The split was painful, but the relationship was no longer working for her.
It took me a while to get over it.

She has since then disassociated herself from the man she saw later.

That thing lasted quite a few years.

I have not seen anyone since our connection ended. Men in their middle age are, surprisingly, NOT considered a dream catch. That is to say no one has nibbled the bait, and at this point I seriously doubt that anyone will.
The bait is dangled occasionally, but the pool lacks piranhas.

I did subscribe to a dating site for a while, which was an eye-opener. What women want is a strong silent vibrant athletic adventurer of financial means, who will take them rafting down the Amazon and trekking in the Himalayas. With a dog, without tobacco, and preferably a vegetarian.

Given that I am an opinionated grouch who is perfectly happy NOT rafting down rivers or climbing all over a frozen wilderness, don't have a dog, smoke a pipe, and enjoy meat -- and will not change those habits -- a relationship seems extremely improbable.

I need to find someone with both bad eye-sight and a poor sense of smell.
Who is both carnivorous and fluff tolerant.

A likely candidate will likely NOT be found among the following:

Jonathan. Filippinas. Cigar smokers. Marinites. Alabama. Midwesterners of Dutch descent. Midwesterners in general. Pete Hoekstra. Christians, Protestants, Calvinists. Indian computer scammers. E-commerce yuppies. Coke fiends. Lindsey Graham. Sherlock Holmes. Kate Sears. Hong Kong rioters. White people who sing. Some pipe smokers. Fujianese. Kids.

Hippies, artistic types, spiritual people, wheat grass freaks, gluten-phobes, sages, shamans, psychics, crystal healers, eastern mysticism devotees, vegans, alternative medicine men or women, people who have had great epiphanies, or folks who write meaningful poetry, deadheads, potheads, white people with Chinese tattoos, anti-smoking nazis, anti-vaxxers.

Germans, Frenchmen, Dutchmen, Italians, Spaniards, Walloons, New Yorkers, Malays, Pakistanis, Turks, Russians, Vikings, Burgundians, Icelanders, English, Irish, Welsh, Scots, and Gujaratis.

On the other hand, Hello Kitty freaks ARE a possibility.

Because I'm kind of crazy.

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