Tuesday, October 01, 2019


The Antwerper band 'katastroof' is known for rebellious songs, ballads about unprintable subject matter (for instance: pubic hair), and drinking songs.
All in Antwerpen dialect.

Here, because it will piss-off people who richly deserve a severe off-pissing, and may it aggravate their acid reflux, gout, and tendencies toward migraines and apoplexy, is a famous song.


[SOURCE: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hj1a-80APhM.]

Katastroof is rarely if ever broadcast on the radio, the result of a conscious decision by public minders that such material should be as far as possible kept from the innocent public, who are too immature to appreciate it.
Baby sitting is alive and well in Flanders.
It's for your own good.

Flanders, of course, is where democracy by torch and pitchfork was invented. Those important people are, wisely, cautious.

Please stay asleep, restful burger.
All is well in the world.
Especially here.

By the way, Obama is STILL coming for your guns.

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Anonymous said...


Die Internationale
Erkämpft das Menschenrecht!

I trust you too were standing at the end.

Even worse than Obama coming for your guns is Hillary's emails. Remember Benghazi!

Today while motoring on country roads we spied a telling campaign sign:

Any Responsible Adult


The back of the hill said...

I expect the Democrats to bollicks this up like the last time, and the slope-brows in the hinterland to vote Christian, just like last time.

Anonymous said...

plus ça change, plus c'est la même chose...

X said...

Tsjeiven ras (as in the song); is that a term for Jews?

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