Wednesday, October 02, 2019


This evening on the bus back from watching the flocking parrots at Clay and Drumm, I had the pleasure of observing Olivia Benson. Out of the corners of my eyes, while making sure no direct gaze was evident. Olivia Benson is, as you must know, an inter-dimensional police officer. She will kill. Again.
She stopped Justin Bieber's brainwaves. He's not the real Bieber.
Olivia Benson is presently a fortyish blond male.
Dressed like a jogger.

Fortunately she was on a mission, and got off after only two blocks, having very openly re-established communication with headquarters.

But what an exciting two blocks that was!

I don't think Ms. Olivia Benson is from here.

Somewhere in the Midwest, some Lutheran or Evangelical village is no doubt delightedly missing their jogger, who left one evening on a two mile run, and never returned. They've grown collectively even more complacent, obese, and Trumpite, now that their inter-dimensional detective has rolled down the canted tea-tray of our country and ended up in the great catch-drain at the end of the known world. They found him difficult to talk to.

He made them question their reality.

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