Thursday, October 10, 2019


Good thing I am no longer at Berkeley. Or SF State. Because I'd probably tell someone to do unprintable things to their old mother, in Cantonese. Specifically, anyone vocal about their support for the Hong Kong protesters, whose on-line and real-world tactics at this point have become perfect examples of the thuggery and bullying employed during the Cultural Revolution, and devalue whatever their agenda might be.

Cite from the South China Morning Post:

"A veteran lecturer at Hong Kong Community College has been replaced after his criticism of anti-government protesters prompted more than 100 students to surround and heckle him in his classroom."

[SOURCE: Hong Kong Community College lecturer replaced after anti-protester comments prompt heckling and tense stand-off in classroom - SCMP.]

"They can disagree with me, but it is wrong to try to threaten others over views you dislike"
---Chan Wai-keung, lecturer and columnist

"Students can disagree with their lecturer, but it is wrong to shout verbal abuse at a lecturer or harass him." 
---Chung Kim-wah, also a lecturer

"The dispute started last Saturday when Chan’s remarks were quoted in the Oriental Daily News. He told the Chinese-language newspaper that the punishment for breaking the government’s new anti-mask law – of up to one year in prison and a maximum HK$25,000 (US$3,187) fine – was “not enough”. He also said the city courts should “give heavy sentences to violent protesters”.

Students were enraged by his comments and issued a call on LIHKG for a demonstration at Chan’s classroom. More than 100 showed up on Tuesday and surrounded Chan during his two-hour lecture on Chinese and Western Cultures.

Online videos showed students chanting slogans and shouting profanities at Chan, while others aimed laser pointers at him. Chan was besieged for hours despite repeatedly saying he wanted to leave, according to the video."


End cite.

You rabid dogs don't deserve an education. And you should realize that your increasingly repugnant tactics have lost you any moral high ground you might claim. Don't be surprised if things come flying at you.

Those petrol bombs you use at your demonstrations?
That ain't secret technology, dudes.


Cite: "A 19-year-old student who identified herself as Chan said she felt Wednesday’s dialogue session was meaningless because Chan was not there.
“[I joined] this dialogue hoping to have a direct conversation with [Chan] to call him to account for his comments,” she said."
End cite.

Screw you, bitch.

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