Monday, December 12, 2022


What use are days off when it's cold? A man cannot spend all day in bed with his stuffed creatures because it's warm there. And, apparently, there was snow on hill tops in some parts of the Bay Area, where little kiddie winkies shouted with glee as they slid downhil before shattering on the rocks below, and pet iguanas fell out of trees due to torpor.

One would have liked snow in downtown San Francisco during Santacon (an annual drunken orgy for the younger generation), so that naughty Santas would not climb up the palm trees along the Embarcadero with her absence of panties showing. It's a mental image bound to give little kiddies trauma. And she looks silly. Plus palmfronds scratch the sensitive parts! This is a health warning.

The grown man does not like cold weather, particularly.
Naturally I'm blaming the Republicans.
Also, I do not have a cat.
Cats are warm.

Quote from a black female security guard: "please come down, dear, you look stupid!"

Crap. Things to do. Necessary tasks.
Blains to chill.


It was forty Fahrenheit when I went out for the first pipe of the day. This is inhuman!
Elon Musk probably had a hand in this! The bastard!

NOTE: A well-reputed home remedy for chilblains (a condition much mentioned in Victorian childrens' stories; redness, itching, and inflammation, caused by excessive cold) includes a poultice composed of fennel, port wine, and garlic. Which sounds great for marinating lamb shanks. Incidence of chilblains has gone down considerably since the spread of indoor environments and socks.

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