Sunday, December 11, 2022


Nowadays I avoid talking to the gentlemen in the lounge as much as possible. I remember growing up in Europe as an American citizen, when quite regularly I would hear poisonous anti-American nonsense spewed venomously forth on with conviction. This is worse. Since Trump lost the election -- probably because even with massive Republican cheating, threats, lies, and district gerrymandering, the majority of Americans were fed up -- those boys have gotten more and more unrealistic and ideological in their hatred of this country, to the point where if we were invaded they'd cheer it on, revelling in each new disaster and setback.

Unsurprisingly, they support Elon Musk lock stock and barrell.
That pandering hysteric on Fox is their hero.
MJG a beauty and a saint.
Myself, I am resolved to avoid everything between the spot on the map labelled 'wine and cheese' and the heartland of 'bad pizza'.

Jonathan in Israel wrote: "I am emotionally moved by your concern for the denizens of Texas, Florida and the flyover states" in response to my recent comments about the continued Covid pandemic. He may have misinterpreted my concern. It's considerably closer to meanspirited apathy than any fellow feeling.

The main reason I have been far less bilious about Western Europe is because they are further away, less of a threat, and less a concern. NOT because I value them any more.

It isn't a case of viewing the breakdown of civilization with disinterest. More a situation where the amateurish and haphazard onward stumbling of the beast irritates considerably. We can do better, we could have done better, but we keep sloshing forth like drunken football fans.

Speaking of which, with Holland and England both out, Japan too, the World Cup is now in the hands of the yobbos. Not worth watching, nothing left but ambulating turds.
Everything beyond 'wine and cheese' and 'bad pizza' is a toilet.
No wonder there are vampire zombies!

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Alcyon said...

"We can do better, we could have done better..." and may I add, we have, in the now-distant past, done better. O, Ronald Reagan and all those pulling his strings, look what you've done!

Bitter times.

Somewhere in Jewish teaching -or is it lore?- there have to exist a small number of saintly people in the world to avert G-d's wrath. Lately, I've met two or three of them. Working away amongst the abandoned homeless and mentally ill that roam the streets and ravines hereabouts. They get no great reward, rarely any gratitude, they do it because it's the right thing to do. Knowing that there are actually some good 'uns out there makes it all a little less bitter...?

After dealing with one such gravely ill person today, I did find GH Dark Rich Honeydew in the Falcon to be a great balm as I went for a walk afterwards.

How did pipe smoking ever fall out of fashion!?

The back of the hill said...

The hidden righteous ones (Tzadidikim nistarim; concealed tzaddiks), often give as a total of 36 (hence 'lamed vav tzadikim', 'lamedvavnikim', singular 'lamedvavnik'), though that number is not fixed -- some sources state 45. Lamed = 30. Vav = 6. Tzaddik = righteous person, from the same root as 'tzedek' (righteousness, justice) and 'tzedaka' (charity, act of righteousness). By there existence the continued existence of the world is sustained and justified.

One must do right things, because it is right and good that it get done. Or, in a different conceptualization, by doing these things the total of rightness is increased in the world, the world becomes better.

Alcyon said...

Thank you! I figured if any gentile would know about this, you would. Me? I'm just an ex-altar boy who's watched Shtisel twice now and spent a few years selling produce to a mostly Jewish what do I know?

You've never mentioned the show Shtisel. I think it deserves the acclaim it got. I wish I could watch it again for the first time.

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