Saturday, December 31, 2022


To everyone reading this on New Years Eve: I encourage everyone who has a car to go out and drive tonight. Drive like you've never driven before. Because if you don't, it will be nothing but drunkards out there. And you can't let the drunks win. Drive!

As for my own plans this evening, 5mg of Amlodipine Besylate at aroud eight, then Latanoprost in my left eye before midnight. Exciting! Whee!

Earlier I was outside having a smoke when a young woman mooned me with her breasts. Which was interesting and educational. I wish I had been closer so that I could have seen what the effect the cold and moisture in the night time air might have had. But on the other hand I'm glad it was from across the street. Seeing as I don't actually want such a person closer to me than that. I'm sure she's a very nice person when she's sober.
Honestly, that's the first time my pipe has had that effect.
I've been smoking since my teens.
Random illustration from nearly two years ago, selected because it's appropriate. Downpour today. Flood warnings all over the place. I don't have to worry, the water can't rise that high, seeing as I'm uphill from the intersection. Where weirdness is taking place.

Quandary: My apartment mate, a non-smoker, has tomorrow and Monday off.
I would like to indulge in my nasty vice inside.
That will not be possible.

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