Friday, December 02, 2022


As of right now, it looks like Donald Trump, Herschel Walker, Elon Musk, and Kanye West, are all self-destructing. And it's hard to feel sorry for them. Seeing as they are all four rather despicable examples of humanity. So work for the next few days should be fun and educational, dealing with soggy old dickwads who worship these men.

Can't really hold it against Kanye, as he is almost certainly the dumbest and most ignorant self-absorbed dingo in the lot. And I too see good things in that man. He was sixty percent water, nearly two percent calcium, and turned into charcoal.

Water, calcium, and charcoal are useful things!

All four of the gentlemen I just mentioned are also sixty percent water and nearly two percent calcium. As are the sickening rightwing bastards I deal with. We've got a renewable resource right there. We should start making efforts to harvest them.

California needs water.

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