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In 1982, to counter the pro-dog bias evident in Western Society, the city of Berkeley opened an off-leash cat park alongside Derby Street. That park was permanently shut down in 1983 due to numerous cat-related law suits. Proving that do-gooder mandated social engineering doesn't work. Which automatically brings up herring, salmon, and tuna.

Reason being that because cats think of humans as simply very defective cats, naturally they would pay their attorneys in fish. Attorneys have irreconcilably different preferences.
Which inevitably leads to howls of anguish.

There are NO vegan cats. But if there were, they'd be in Berkeley. Which would necessitate fake fish flavoured non-bestially sourced protein-rich cat kibble. Felines thrive on and dietarily require animal protein, so the demographic, if it even could exist, would remain extremely narrow due to premature deaths among the pussies. And their attorneys. Proper nutrition is important for brain-development. You don't want a feline attorney who is an idiot.
Those are probably a thing in Berkeley.

Since it's closing, the area has reverted to nature. Raccoons, coyotes, bigfoot, and hippies.

Rabies, mange, and cholera all thrive along Derby Street.

The dogs have returned; victory!

Years ago I used to live in Berkeley, near there. I remember it as filled with unwashed tribals and witchcraft, riven by wild hedonism and unorthodox sects. Sodden with bongo-drumming potsmokers. If you didn't hack away at the undergrowth, the jungle would swallow you up, and years later they'd find tree possums and horned bugs living among your bones.
Berkeley is the primary reason machetes were invented.

Many of my parents friends went to Berkeley.
They are all gone now.

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