Thursday, December 08, 2022


Recently I mentioned that Microsoft Start tries to second guess what I want to read. In the case of the benefits of going braless they weren't too far of the mark, and certainly as a heterosexual male I can be expected to have a proprietary interest in brassieres, their form and function. At least a curiosity about what goes into them. I didn't click on the article.
But I can see myself being 'piqued'.

Breasts can be adorable. Or frightening. There's something there.
And there's probably an involved scientific explanation.

But as Sigmund Freud observed, sometimes a breast is just a breast.
Apparently Freud enjoyed up to twenty of them each day.
Oh wait, that was something else entirely.

Must have been a Freudian slip.

Why on earth does Microsoft Start want me to read something entitled "Promotes Regular Healthy Stool - Supports Digestive Health"? Have I ever expressed ANY interest in fibre?
For the record, pie, chilipaste, and the breading on a fried cutlet, ALL contain fibre. Sheer TONNES of it. So I think I'm covered. Vegan chow is almost nothing but fibre, and their vibrant gut health functions as a substitute for an actual social life. I know one vegan.
She doesn't have any friends. It's probably all that regularity.

It is far too early in the day to consider vegans.
Gee thanks, Microsoft Start.

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