Monday, December 12, 2022


While waiting for the bus that takes me to the salt mines several days a week I count the dogs, street people, crazies, little tykes, and morons riding public transit without masks. There have been a few days recently when there were no street people, so I counted crows instead. Till the moment I got on the bus where I was one of the very few passengers with a mask. Because of course people are naturally carefree, tired of precautions, bored, and would rather play Russian Roulette. And who can blame them?

I like dogs, tykes, and crows.

I am always thrilled and overjoyed with the number of non-Chinese Americans* who consider their kids expendable, and happily waltz around with no member of the family masked at all, blithely exposing junior to any number of pathogens and diseases, including Covid. One or two people less around the holdiday table surely won't be missed?

[Just look at your uncle Walther. He's always been a Jesus-bore, AND he keeps yacking about 'freedums' and microchips. Last year he wouldn't shut up about how everybody is assigned a bar-code at birth.
You wouldn't want little Bertie or Amber to grow up like him, would you?]

And good for you! Masks are SO expensive!
As well as instrusive and unsexy.
Noses should range free.
Like germs.

*Local Chinese Americans inexplicably want to keep their kids alive. We can't understand that. There must be something wrong there. It's suspicious, is what. It's just not normal!

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