Thursday, December 29, 2022


One of the stranger things I've discovered on the internet is songs of reprehensible origin translated into Japanese and sung by cute non-existent girlish entities. North Korean propaganda, Russian military, Confederate or Nazi anthems. No, I have no idea whether the translations are accurate, or smooth out the murderousness behind the lyrics. For all I know a paean to the Antebellum South could, in its Japanese version, simply express a deep and heartfelt yearning to add chocolate and raisins to my bowl of spicy pork-flavoured ramen.

[Might actually taste good, but I shan't look for a recipe. It's probably already been done and tiktokked by an influencer whom I do not wish to know more about. She's probably a right freak from Texas with a million followers.]

Same goes for the songdroid singing 'Rule Britania' in Japanese.

It's Teddy Bear flavour ramen. Marshmallows!

The Japanese are ... odd.

I've learned that darn well anything can be HelloKittified. This is the future, and strangely it does not frighten me. I think the character in the corner of this illustration is a mini fox spirit ('kitsune'), but I do not know why she's singing 'Dixie'. Possibly she supports the University of Alabama team, or voted for Santis. It's within the realm of Japanese possibilities.
Chibi Kitsuneko-chan magaite scum.
Kawaii des'ka.

The "British Subjugation Song" (英国討伐歌) sounds "cute" in Japanese. Especially with a tinkly-poo orchestral accompaniment.

"All your base are belong to us, crimson tide, chocolate ramen!"

I'm sure there's something I'm missing here, but I don't knowing what it is would add value to my life or allow for more freedom. My disposition is sunny enough already.
I am positively filled with team spirit.

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