Wednesday, August 09, 2023


For some bizarre reason the bartender thought I wanted chamomile tea. Do I look like I'm having a panic attack? Do I look like a hobbit? What I wanted -- and thank heavens I came prepared -- was regular tea, black, no milk or sugar. The astringency is appealing, and seeing as I avoid alcohol nowadays because I don't want booze interfering with my medication, I always have a bag or two with me.

Not in the same pocket as pipes and tobacco.

The tobacco is Virginia leaf with a touch of firecured.

Not an aromatic, no artificial sweeteners. That stuff is only suitable for law office types with bad habits, or people who swill margaritas or anything else with a cute little parasol sticking out of the glass.

Real people, of any gender, drink honest liquor, and smoke clean tobacco in their pipes.
Or, perhaps, a Shirley Temple with a shot of vodka in it for a perversely ironic effect.
Many people should not drink at all, ever, because it makes them do things.
Like singing karaoke when they have absolutely no talent.
Such as tech-bros and marketing types.
People named Herbert.
Years ago I used to drink. And despite my complete and total lack of any musical abilities whatsoever, I have sung karaoke. Two times because Dildo Bob demanded I accompany him ("Sweet Caroline", "All My exes Live In Texas"), twice while "inspired", when they still had the grey book at the karaoke bar around the corner from the apartment (songs in Mandarin), and once, regrettably, at the bar my friend and I go to down in C'town once a week.

My friend the bookseller, that being the friend aforementioned, has to the very best of my knowledge never felt inspired to sing, despite having a glass of rotgut red and a beer before we get to the karaoke joint, and at least one whiskey while there. I am envious of his civilized behaviour. There's something calmly rational and restrained about him in a bar which is rather delightful, I wish more people were like that.

I'm rather fond of Mandarin oldies. Which is something tech-bros and marketing types strangely never try to sing. It's very sad.

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