Tuesday, August 08, 2023


The most successful predator is probably the black-footed cat, which lives in the sandy wastes of southern Africa. Certainly the beast is up there. It has a very high kill-rate, especially considering how small and absolutely cuddlesome it looks.

An altogether ferocious creature, with teeth and claws. Scarcely over a foot in length, nocturnal, and very fierce. Do NOT pet.

My apartment mate is stubbornly resistant to the suggestion that she go get a physical check-up. Despite my gentle blandishments, rising to a screech, she states that it is not needed yet, and doesn't want to do it. I am trying to think of arguments to pressure her.
I have reminded her that if I had not headed into the medical sphere four years ago I would be dead now, and completely destroyed her defense that when it's time it's time, going peacefully blah blah blah, graceful fade-out, and similar ridiculous arguments.

She's quite healthy. And sees no reason for common sense.
So there's still a bit of pushing ahead.
If there were a pet-carrier large enough, and I possessed superhuman strength as well as an exceptionally high thresh-hold for agony and debilitating physical damage, I might consider that as a solution. Surprise, and steel bars. Plus thick towels.
Problem is that I'm not stark raving bonkers.

Teeth and claws.

I'm open to suggestions. Might need help, but a problem there is that most of the people who would offer to talk to her vastly overestimate how persuasive they are, and stand no chance of swaying her. She'll just clam up, blank out the noise, and get closer and closer to disemboweling them

A quote from an article about a certain type of wild cat: "typically gets rid of the internal organs of rodents while eating, and plucks feathers from birds before consuming them".

This is definitely good to know.
Solid information.

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