Friday, August 04, 2023


The Tenderloin is an area that I largely avoid, but it isn't far from where I live. It starts only seven or eight blocks south of the partment, and continues for about half a dozen blocks further to Market Street. Two or three intersections there smell significantly of dog poo.
There are bum encampments scattered in several of the alleyways.

Pup tents, tarpaulins, cardboard, lean-tos. Very Brazil.

At the Southwest corner is Civic Center.

During the day it isn't too skeevy, but you should probably not take your little children there. Especially if they're from the Midwest or other very innocent parts of the world. I lit up just after leaving court, finished before getting to the Walgreens near home. Between Eddy and O'Farrell it got realy interesting. A very enjoyable smoke. Despite, or perhaps because.

The Moroccan restaurant is flourishing, the Vegan place has closed down.
That kind of indicates that Vegans are too refeened and butterfly-like to delicately skip-toe in on their little ballet-shoe feet, whereas people who actually like food and don't have a bitterly frustrated hate-filled relationship with it will grasp their staffs, Gandalf like, and stride through despite the orc-halfbreeds. Foward! Excelsior!

All in all, it's like having a little slice of New York or San Rafael right in the heart of the city. More culturally diverse than the latter, more managably-sized than the former.

It was a very enriching experience.


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Anonymous said...

The TL has seen better days but methinks it has always been significantly foul. Hai Ky Noodles at 707 Ellis is still there and one can find affordable Bahn Mi sandwiches if one knows where to look. Little Henry’s is now somewhere in the Richmond district, still serving up large but not particularly appetizing Italian dishes, complete with price increases not in line with the quality of food served. All that aside though, when you mention the vegan place, are you talking about Millenial that was located inside the Best Western Hotel, or that peculiar vegan house with the blonde prophet that communed with farm animals?

The back of the hill said...

There was some place on Polk Street southward of Sutter. Though if I had known about the blonde prophet communing with food beasts, I would have made it a point to go there just for the magic.

Of course there was Ananda Fuara where one of my colleagues at the Indian Restaurant once got Wasp-splained by a blonde in a saree about Indian food, particularly yoghurt ..... They're closed too. Didn't shed a tear when I read about that.

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