Sunday, August 13, 2023


Despite my antipathy and downright dislike of some of the people I have to deal with in Marin when I'm at work, they keep me young, largely by being perfect examples of what not to be. And what not to become. Crusty self-satisfied verkrampte culture warriors who voted for, and will vote for again, a big orange opportunistic turd baboon. If we were in some areas of this country, they'd also vote for the most white trash housewife in town, or the crazed woman with the strident paranoia and theories about space lasers.

Quite the contrast with the old lady across the street feeding pigeons and watering the flowers, out getting her morning walkies everyday. She likely also has some remonstrative examples of how not to act in her life.

Object lessons keep us human.

When I was much younger there were people we looked up to instead. What we wanted to be like when we matured. It was different then.

Still foggy outside. Empty streets.
First coffee sinking in.

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