Friday, August 25, 2023


Per news reports, a zoo's skunk has escaped in the Netherlands, and is now running around the countryside enjoying the fresh air and sunlight and sweet wiggly bugs and all manner of wonderful things. There are no skunk predators in Holland. What would make it really interesting is if a few breeding couples of skunks went replicatively wild there.
The country would end up with little hordes of stink beasts.

There are no native words for skunks in Dutch.

I propose "moord-reetser". Murder arser.
I'm sure the canny Dutch would find a use for them. Either put them to work in their cabbage mines, or train them and send them to defend the frontiers, in case the Prussians or French invaded again.

"Oh look, Helmut, the entire German cabinet is dead in our sitting room! Von Bulow, Tirpitz, Von Muller, Herr Reichner, Hollweg, Von Graunberg, Moltke, Zimmermannm, Kimpte ..... "

Finally, safety from "those people", behind our impenetrable bio-hazard wall.
Wien Neêrlands bloed door aderen vloeit, van vreemde smeeten vrij.

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