Saturday, August 19, 2023


My apartment mate does not like what feet look like. So slippers, NOT flipflops, are de rigeur when padding around the house in casual dress. Feet politely covered.
Now, this is something that I can well understand.

There are parts of the human body I also do not like to see. Such as hairy naked male breasts. Suntanned hairy naked male breasts.
Saggy, pudgy, and leathery.

Good lord, man, think of the children!
And think of me as well. My eyes.
Kindly cover your flabbies.

And generally speaking, all of you, cover your tits. And your plumbers cracks. And your pierced nipples. BTW, those tattoos make you look like you spent time in the big house.
Were you a top or a bottom? The soap or the brisket?
Now seeing as we were talking about feet, I should mention that when I came home, my feet ached. This meant that speeding up to avoid the sight of that greenish brown male nippletude was entirely out of the question. The wrinkles underneath were also clearly in focus. My right foot especially did not benefit from the view. Is that a mole near your armpit, or a vestigal third nipple? Pre-cancerous? Insect bite gone bad?

Mind you, on the right person, in private, a view of breasts, nipples, or cracks, can be quite cheering. Even with sore feet. This was not that, and he was not her.

Please disappear in a cloud of smoke.


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