Wednesday, August 30, 2023


As you might suspect, the weather in parts of Florida has little effect on the West Coast. We are shielded from hurricanes by three thousand miles of pickup trucks, junk food franchises, beer-swilling rednecks, rusty barbed wire, and the Marlboro man. Plus a cynical attitude. Still. A news clip I saw recently featured a very civilized sounding man worried about the people in his community, speaking in measured tones. Which probably more than anything else you could imagine humanized Floridians for me.

Given the sheer goofball weirdness that hits the internet regularly from that part of the world, it was extremely refreshing.

No, I'm not planning to go there to give them supportive hugs.
But I feel for them.
Those in the affected areas who have working generators should keep their coffee makers going non-stop. Their fellow citizens will thank them. Rebuilding takes hot Java.
And band aids, but hot Java will make everything better.

It's also how I know that my landlady's husband downstairs in the front apartment, where they installed him and his hospital bed, is on the mend. I can see down at the kitchen of that apartment from my kitchen, and they've plugged in a coffee maker. Despite the tumour operation in his throat, the man wants his coffee. Normalcy is on the horizon.

They probably also need paper towels, but coffee is key.

And FEMA. But mostly coffee.

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