Tuesday, August 15, 2023


Saw doctor, got paperwork for blood tests and lung screening, discussed twitchy legs at night and the coming booster for Covid, and had lunch at a really jumping joint. So it's been a good and active day sofar. Oh, and also got in some grocery shopping. Emergency smokes just in case I'm waiting for the bus and a Karen needs aggravation, loquat throat lozenges, and another box of Taiwanese style pineapple cakes (鳳梨酥 'fung lei sou').
I'm addicted to the last two items mentioned.

Apparently I'm shorter than I was. The nurse measured me at five foot seven and a half.
You know, I used to be nine feet! I am more compact and easy to store now.
Weight is still the same. Bloodpressure is good.
Dander? Still up.

As anyone would, when going down to see one's regular care physician at Chinese Hospital, I went prepared. Remains of a pack of 黃鶴樓香煙 (Yellow Crane Pavilion ciggies; which are a piss-elegant smoke), extra pipe tobacco, and a pipe with gravitas. Which is shown below.
I think I'll take it with me for my cardiologists visit in a few weeks also.
One very minor thing: I've been having rather mildheadaches since Covid, so just in case, she also ordered a brain scan, open-ended time period, schedule it if I feel it's gotten worse. Which is splendid. We're assuming two things, of course. The first is that it may simply be a side effect of Covid, which will fade over time. The second is that I have a brain.

If so, I do not feel particularly afflicted.

No one in my family has ever died from having a brain. perhaps an excess of apple cider vinegar, possibly, as well as alternative medicine (exorcisms, leeches, bloodletting, or dosing with mercury?), and even apoplexy induced by gluten-phobes and anti-vaxxers.
A brain? No. Not really a problem.

Lunch was excellent. It did not contain gluten.
So you can stop worrying now.

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