Sunday, August 27, 2023


Last night's dinner was a type of pasta with two red sauces (tomato and chili) and an excess of cheese substances. Which may have been ill-advised. Like so many Anglo foods.
It was culinarily very "white".

What frightens me is that there is now a restaurant in the urban wasteland of Northern California that serves cooking from the British Isles. For Southern Californians who are homesick.

I guess gin is the favoured cooking wine over there.
It probably shows up in everything.
At that "restaurant".

Maybe there is also melted cheese in everything. Especially the baked beans from a can.

This blogger sometimes thoroughly enjoys a plate of glop with cheese and sauces.
Provided no sugar was added, and the pasta component is al dente.
It may have adversely influenced my dreams. At one point I was being pursued by cheddar cheese, bacon, and mushroom noodles, screaming "vote for me, damn you, I'm the next best thing", to which the logical response (at that time) seemed to be that I refused to be the mouse in this beauty pageant.

Anglo-Saxon mythology is filled with giant worms. That more than anything else convinces me that what I ate last night was 'Anglo'.

All Anglo food needs chili pepper sauce.

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