Thursday, September 22, 2022


A map of Europe was given with the translations of how various languages say "zero f***'s given". Which in Dutch (my other native language) is: "It shall be me a sausage" (het zal me een worst wezen). I'm not at all sure how we came up with that. We like sausage. Pursuant which I will mention that a recipe I gave here years ago for a type of old-fashioned sausage did not go over well because of the prime ingredient, most of my readers being English speakers, Anglo, and queasy about many things.

You've seen Brueghel's paintings, yes? For a Dutch speaker, those are the equivalents of little butterflies and pretty flowers.
Trust me on this. Chocolate box art.

Probably an excellent advertising illustration for sausage.

Some of our most splendid and beloved paintings show sea battles with the Spanish, or French, or English. Gore in the waters, burning wreckages, drowning foreigners, and naval desolation. Heart stirring, juices flowing, colouring faces and brightening eyes. Dutch art is not for the faint-hearted. Except for Vincent Van Gogh. And he was a bit off in the head.

It's what you do when your landscape is flat. And mostly water in any case.

And your water is filled with howling bodies.

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