Thursday, September 22, 2022


The spam phone calls on behalf of American Senior Whatchamacallit have shifted to people with Indian accents entirely. Even though they introduce themselves with very Gaura names.

"Hello, my name is Smith, I'm calling from American Senior Compost, how are you today?"

Oh I'm splendid, Smith, this is a spam call isn't it?
Fine, Smith, fine. What are you trying to sell me?
I'm spectacular today, Smith, and I'm not interested in comparing rates thank you.
That's a personal question which I don't want to answer, Smith.

Smith-bhai instantly wigs to the fact that this call is going nowhere, and hangs up.
Smart fellow, that Smith.
Quite unlike Dalisay or Jennibeth calling from a suburb of Manila or Cebu City, who cannot seem to get it through her thick head that I am not going to tell her how much I'm paying for insurance, what my age is, or whether I've got Medicare or any health issues.

Maribel or Lusilyn are kind of stupid. Pushy, and stubborn, but dim as a fifteen Watt bulb (isang labinlimang Watt na bombilya). Dumb as a fencepost. Walang utak, siya. Ulol.

All spam calls today have been Indian.
The Filippinas have given up.

I'm starting to quite enjoy this. At some point I'll ask Smith questions about biriani, mirch ka salan, and his favourite spots for mithai and chai after work.

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