Monday, September 05, 2022


Today is the perfect day for Chinese noodles and egg rolls for many Americans, because most of us live in crowded coastal urban environments and don't have back yards in which to barbecue and swill beer. And the nearest beaches are crowded and smell for all the world precisely like Grinder's Gym when the hulks are bulking.

A few Labor Day thoughts:

There is a great overlap between barbecue country and where the assholes live.

If it weren't for Mexicans and Chinese, Labor Day wouldn't exist.

We worship sugar with red food colouring.

Layers of fake cheese.

Sadly, none of my favourite places in Chinatown serve bacon cheeseburgers, and a number of them are closed on Mondays anyhow. The rest will probably be crowded around lunch time, packed at dinner. Because tourists and heat refugees are in town. I would really love a bacon cheeseburger, augmented by sugar with red food colouring and hot sauce today.
All of this is relevant because my apartment mate is off today, and I cannot smoke in the apartment. Like the heat refugees I will head to Chinatown, where I'll probably have a mid-afternoon meal somewhere quiet -- the nice thing about the regulars at a few places is that they thin out between lunch and tea time -- after which I'll find an alleyway for a nice pipeful of aged Virginias before desperately seeking a clean place to pee. In the evening it will still be pleasant outside in my neighborhood, and I'm far enough uphill that there should not be any holiday drunks clustering; they cannot stagger that far.

Tomorrow, everything returns to normal.
Well, except for the temperature.

And the spam calls. Dave from your friendly neighborhood airduct company, Shawn and Arthur with American Senior Benefits, Allison about my extended warranty, and others.
Mostly American Senior Benefits, about cheap burial insurance.
I'm on a list that seems to want me dead.
After I purchase.

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