Thursday, September 08, 2022


That title is unique. So I stole it from a doomsday article. And I feel we need to release the spider men to combat this menace. Because. For the sixth day in a row dammit the heat was a barrier. A high of 89 or 90 degrees, sapping appetite and energy, and leading to unruly scenes of nudity in one man's apartment where a single Dutch American disported himself grouchily in the buff while vociferating about inhumane conditions. In San Francisco.

Before going out to have a cup of Hong Kong milk tea tea and a pastry at a bakery, because after all why should I let a climatocaust derail my customary practices?

From the immortal corpus of German literature comes an apposite quote: "das ganze scheißhaus steht in flammen". Which, roughly translated, means 'vacate the premises and seek fresh air', or something. Very wise people, those Germans.
It is presently sixty degrees in Düsseldorf.
And raining.
Düsseldorf is a veritable paradise. I have just realized this.

AND, it's close to the Netherlands.

Due to the heat and circulatory issues, my calves and back are a pain in the gand. In fact, my entire rightleg is a pain. Probably shouldn't have left the house, but I enjoyed my tea time as well as a snack, and managed to dodge the tourists. Most of whom appear to be German, other than very big women who were obviously American. Big, BIG women.

The Germans at the next table decided to have seconds on the egg tarts, and also took a few of them to go. An admirable decision of which I approve. The egg tarts at that place are indeed superlative.

The big American women came in, looked around, and left.
Ain't nothing like this in Mississippi.
There's no bacon!

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