Sunday, September 11, 2022


The consensus between the Irish policeman and myself is that the old boys in the back are all stupid rightwing bastards. Admittedly, that's only two of us -- four if you also count in two other people who are subcontinental -- but intelligence-wise we've got the stupid rightwing bastards outgunned. The reason why I'm hesitant to include the two fine subcontinental gentlemen is two-fold: One I haven't actually asked them if that is in fact the terminology they would use, and two: both of them like arguing, as do many Indians, as a form of intellectual exercise, as well as verbally poking at the idiots. Plus unlike the Irish policeman and myself they aren't infuriated and filled with a distaste toward the stupid rightwing bastards, and have actually at times acted as if they liked the stupid rightwing bastards in some ways.

One of the stupid rightwing bastards is as Irish as the policeman.
I suspect the policeman holds that against him.
Letting the side down.

I am more fortunate; no Dutchmen in the lot. On the other hand, my group sadly must admit Betsy DeVos and several other Michigan Dutch as fervent supporters of the disgraceful orange blob, but that bunch there are mostly verkrampte religious types whose families emigrated to the US from the stupidest parts of the Netherlands to get away from intelligent people, and to practise their retro and inbred version of Dutchness surrounded by miles and miles of hairy slopebrowed dumb savages in the great American outback. Possibly the stupidest part of the United States at this point, gee whillikers, bat shit.

The Irish policeman has not mentioned that to me. He's not a bigot, and while he holds the stupid rightwingism against a fellow Irishman, he does not hold my fellow Dutch Americans against me as he could.

He would vote for guillotines, however.

Those folks are brainless and not using their heads anyway, they might as well be rid of them. A trim would do them proper. Take 'em down a notch.

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