Friday, September 30, 2022


Over on one of the pipe forums, someone mentioned that they mixed Captain Black Grape and HH Rustica, and man oh man is it delicious! No. Captain Black Grape is a pipe tobacco that does NOT taste like tobacco at all, doesn't bite, and reeks phenomenally of grape soda. It is not an adult tobacco.

HH Rustica is entirely adult tobacco. I have two open tins.
It will take me a while to finish it all.

Captain Black Grape has been discontinued, and is achieving cult product status among the basement dwelling degenerates in the pipe smoking community. Naturally I did not comment underneath his post, because I don't want to attract their attention. I have NO need to be beaten to death by pierced and tattooed Gandalf wannabees.
They're heretics, and probably unstable.
Men of dubious morals.

Besides, there's Captain Black Watermelon now.

I smoked nearly a dozen bowls of test batches of CB Grape when it was still in development; mercifully I have been spared the watermelon incarnation.

There's also key lime pie pipe tobacco.

I spent all day yesterday in discomfort from the Bivalent Covid booster shot. Nasty froo froo aromatics (ie: grape, watermelon, key lime pie) would NOT have made that situation any more bearable. But the bowl of C&D red Virginias did.
Jolly good stuff, that. B'emmes.

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