Sunday, September 04, 2022


What really staggered me yesterday was that I did not see many more people poncing around wearing a tee-shirt and boxers. Of course, I do not know whether they had any underpants on at all under their shorts. I am glad I did not view them sitting down.

Some people are fishbelly white on all their previously unexposed parts. We white people probably do glow in the dark, as a few of my friends (who are of a pleasing hue between ivory and old meerschaum themselves) keep insisting.

Jeffy, who needs to be deprogrammed because he's drunk the Maggot kool-aid, has legs that are frighteningly dairy coloured. I've seen far too much of him these past few weeks, most especially his calves. Now that he's retired he keeps showing up indecently dressed. Which is a very white Marinite thing to do, and I wish he wouldn't, more than I wish he'd shut up about the outrage of the FBI executing a search warrant on the mansion of the fat oaf.

For reference, these two illustrations of meerschaum pipes:
Now, don't you agree that these would look better in boxers?
Plaid or paisley, whatever, I'm quite okay with either.
And that raid on Mar-A-Lago was justified.
The man remains a liability.
Cretinous fool.

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