Tuesday, September 13, 2022


That sppoo is looking pretty good right now. Having just hung up on Chris (415 251 0508) from American something or other who clearly wasn't listening when I informed him that I had already received hundreds of calls about benefits, and persisted in trying to engage me after being told his call would go nowhere, he was wasting his (and my) time, and he should stop just stop, I saw a cartoon about alternate universes.
Yep, that spooo is looking good.
Trr is a good parent?

Oh, and candy corn is becoming even more fright-inducing than ever before. Good gracious, blueberry cheesecake? Y'all trying to ruin our mature years now too? Plus there is a stripper in clown make-up trying to explain how she ended up in the storm drain.

She is holding a red balloon.

Life is becoming byzantine.

Alternate universes are here.
You know, Chris at 415-251-0508, there might be a nice big bowl of spooo back at the ranch. Please watch out for clowns with red balloons lurking in storm drains while you trot on over there. It sure would be horrid if something happened to you and your passionate need to quote benefit and burial insurance rates while taking a well-deserved sppooo break.

I wish the same for Brad in Georgia who called with exactly the same advantageous death payment news. Sppooo is good. One can get very fond of sppooo.

You know, boys, I live in San Francisco. I am not dependent upon sppooo for my eatie fun. Chinatown is just across the hill, where I can get a baked porkchop on top of spaghetti in tomato sauce covered with melted cheese, juicy pork dumplings, rice with spare ribs and black bean sauce, preserved egg congee with a yautiu for dipping, wonton noodle soup, cheung fan, bitter melon omelette, roast duck, dragon tongue fish with garlic butter.
Chicken and salt fish fried rice, steamed pork buns .....
All of it with a nice hot cup of milk tea.

After my cup of coffee and pipe.

Enjoy your sppooo.

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Pphllrt said...

Sppooo, sppooo, wonderful sppooo!

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