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Ein Freund hat mich erinnert an Jägerschnitzel. Breaded porkchops, mushroom gravy (mixed mushrooms sauteed with onion, flour added, stock, a twist of black pepper). The gravy is one of those things where successive additions and simmers enrich the flavour. Close the kitchen door when frying the chops, so as not to set off the smoke alarm.
Garnished, customarily, with fresh parsley.
It's German food at its finest.

[Merest pinches thyme, chives, and orange zest for depth. But that's just me.]

Also, methinks, suitable for a chachanteng. Given that HK people love porkchops and sauce, which actually is one of the three set lunches at the place where I will be lunching later today, frequently with a mushroom sauce, their variation of Jägerschnitzel, but not so named.
蘑菇豬扒飯 ('mo gu jyu paa faan').
But what I'm thinking of having is the club sandwich and fries. 公司三文治和薯條。
Which is not one of the three sets, but they do an excellent version.

Seeing as chachantengs are geared toward the quick lunch or dinner customer, a schnitzel is a very logical choice. Everything but especially the sauce can be done in advance, dump the breaded cutlet or chop into the hot oil once it's ordered, and slather the mushroom gravy over it once you've plated. Big scoop of rice, and some obligatory veggies to garnish because the office worker's mom will castigate him or her otherwise (also helps digestion), and voilà.
Plus a cup of milk tea for renewed energy.
And a cigarette.

Result: a happy person near Yue Man Square.

Jäger means 'hunter'. But the pork is domestic. The name probably refers to the mushroom sauce. Mushrooms - forest - hunter out there making the best of a bad day. Probably.

Customary accompaniments are pommes frites or potato salad. The German office worker would then also be happy, but in a chachanteng you should expect rice or spaghetti.

No, rice is NOT the appropriate accompaniment to a club sandwich.
French fries are. Chinese people are traditionalists.

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