Monday, September 19, 2022


It ain't over till the female-identifying individual of generous physical dimensions vocalizes harmonically. Our president took a note from the Republican s. for b. crowd recently, and opined that the pandemic is over.

Sunday September 18
95,658,236 confirmed cases in the US. 1,053,419 deaths.

Thursday August 18
93,403,142 confirmed cases in the US. 1,039,746 deaths.

Four hundred dead vaccine-deniers per day is acceptable.

Of course I'm still wearing a mask when out on the street or taking the bus, because here in San Francisco there are many visitors from out of town -- suburbanites, travelers from other states, and foreign tourists to this country -- and there is no way of knowing how many of them are diseased unwashed reality denying idiots. Probably most of them.

Dreamforce this week. 150,000 people. Huzzah.
Oh, the paradigm-shifting giddiness of it all!

While waiting for the bus to work in Marin I count three categories of people: dogs, homeless crazies, and people without masks on public transit. Part of it is neurotic habit -- the less said about obsessive compulsive arithmomania the better -- and part of it is stern disapproval. One maskless moron, two maskless morons, three maskless morons ...

Oh, and a small part of it is just San Francisco.
Dog pooh. Loonie. Tourist.

Many of my fellow Caucasians do not wear masks. Even on crowded buses filled with loonies, tourists, and dog pooh, heading downtown in the morning.
Or returning in the evening.
When getting on a bus, I automatically count the number of people not wearing face masks (subset: yes mask, but nose no), and usually the overwhelming majority are white.
One office yuppie, two office yuppies, three office yuppies ...

One thing that has struck me over the past year or two is how staggeringly beautiful some faces are above the mask.

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