Thursday, September 08, 2022


Sometimes it is distinctly better to be a man than a woman. For instance, there are two people in this apartment, a male (me) and a female (her). We live in separate rooms. We share the teevee room, where both of our computers are. After she has gone to bed in her room, I can strip down to my boxers and laze about on the computer with much of my body mercifully cooling down from the hot weather. And without shocking my roommate by my immodesty.

Women never have boxers. Women rarely have boxers. Sometimes women do have boxers.

If she were to strip down to a hypothetical pair of boxers and ponce around the teevee room late at night it would be startling. Perhaps unseemly. Unladylike.

I have the liberty of being unladylike.

She, sadly, does not.
It's more something in her mind than anything else, because I have trained myself to look away unless a crazy person outside on the street at a safe distance so that there is no accidental eye-contact is making a public spectacle in this heat.

Such as poncing around bare except for boxers.

I shall be strutting around most of the time that I'm home today naked as a jaybird wearing boxers. Although I wonder why I have a compulsion to wear boxers when there is no one else here? It just seems right. Perhaps a question of self respect?

A young lady would of course have to wear bra and panties if she were wandering around the apartment naked. Even when at home. Especially at home. That's just what one does.

While at one's computer.

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