Wednesday, September 14, 2022


Probably the best karaoke evening ever; nobody sang. And we got to see a Mandarin song about chili peppers, which may explain why the East is red, and could also be a commercial for a valuable food supplement.

All the familiar communist propaganda tropes in service of a vegetable.

Which, combined with something else, makes me think of mee pok (麵薄 'min pok'). With fish balls and sambal. With a dressing that I make by frying chili paste with bacon grease, dark vinegar and lime juice, and dashes fish sauce and soy sauce. Plus sugar.
Plenty of hot chili paste. AND an oily sambal.
Cucumber and chopped scallions.
Fried peanuts.

Mee pok are irregular thin ribbon flat wheat noodles. Often used as a basis for a splash of soup or a semi-salad.

Chilipeppers, of course, are the vegetable just loaded with vitamin C, much beloved in exotic places like Iowa and Ohio. The entire Midwest, in fact. Where they alleviate the boredom of lutefisk and church supper casseroles.



Red is such a happy colour!

The great thing about nobody singing at the karaoke place is that we didn't have to suffer through dude-bros reinterpreting Frank Sinatra or The Eagles. I hate The Eagles, man.

I may have had too much sambal with my salt fish and chicken fried rice (鹹魚雞粒炒飯 'haahm yü gai naap chaau faan'). Belly feels a bit. But it was sooooo goooood!

I do not have patience for bougie white boys singing.
Or their inebriated female companions.
They make my stomach hurt.

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