Thursday, February 17, 2022


Chowder, baked sole with a mild garlic sauce, hot cup of milk tea. Part of the 龍脷 set lunch at a place where you rarely (never) see Caucasians (other than myself). So there's no point in mentioning the name of the restaurant; you probably wouldn't like it. Unless you speak Cantonese. Not that they discriminate against our kind, but it isn't our kind of place.
And in all honesty I'm quite fine with that.

Our kind, as is well known, prefers sweet and sour pork, kung pao something, general Tso's chicken, and shrimp-fried rice. Hot and sour soup and potstickers to start the meal, a carbonated beverage to wash it down, and a bowl of lychee ice cream to finish.
Our kind prefers to eat Chinese food in Texas.

Sweet and sour pork, kung pao, general Tso's, shrimp-fried rice, plus hot and sour soup are the five sacred dishes established as fit for white people to eat by the old China hands, based on their long experience on the South China Coast. All Chinese food ballyhooed by the food channels and culinary publications are more or less variations on these themes.
Potstickers and lychee ice cream are icing on the cake.

They also do dumplings. One of these days I'll head there for dumplings early in the day.
Which would probably be a perfect wake me up.

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