Sunday, February 06, 2022


To my utter disappointment, Dan the extremely unpleasant right-wing droodge and Jeff the loud enabler of right wing droodges and Trumpite bootlicker weren't around today. So I didn't get to "console" them over their team's loss and therefore absence from the superbowl. Their team (the Santa Clara Forty Niners) sucked, and lost because of moral and ethical lapses among the fans, many of whom are degenerate pustules, but Dan and Jeff (perfect paradigms of moral and ethical weakness and decay), don't need to know that.
Pointing it out to them might upset them.
Oh wait; that's the point.

I have it on good authority, by the way, that powerful right wingers smuggle chihuahuas to use for sex and pineal gland extractives. It's what keeps Donald Trump from dying of digestive overload, adderal abuse, and brain fever.

It's all in the photos that Putin was going to release, but "they" got to him. It's also why Kennedy was assasinated. Look it up; do your own research.

That's why Mitch McConnell is rich.
And why so many pampered blondes have chihuahuas.

This something Fox and the newsmedia won't ever tell you.

Anyhow, the absence of both Dan and Jeff meant that no pooh was being loudly flung in the backroom today, and it was very peaceful. Consequently I got to work on the rims and stems of two dozen Castellos, many of which were quite old. Lovely pipes. I've owned a few Castellos over the years, but eventually got rid of them because on the whole the aesthetics don't appeal to me. But these were splendid pieces, representing one pipesmoker's lifelong obsession.

Actually, I did not miss the rabid dingos at all.
I'm glad their wives kept them leashed.
They really need choke collars.
I'll suggest it.

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