Tuesday, February 15, 2022


Underneath a post from years ago, Anonymous asked: "Dude, you always seem to fall for librarians with glasses and women who like hot bevies. Is that your thing?" Well, probably it is. In this universe there are few things quite as warm comfy feeling inducing as a woman wearing spectacles surrounded by books. You know you want to knock on her door with a cup of hot coffee or tea to further fuel her reading, don't you?

And the variables are endless! Which beverage? Coffee, tea, or cocoa? Reading or distance vision? Murder mysteries, archaic languages, or biology, chemistry, and medicine? Is her hair up, or shielding her face? Natural light? Or a desk lamp?

Is there a teddy bear or other friendly stuffed presence somewhere?

I'm sorry, a raspberry macchiato with soybean milk and sprinkles is just NOT a beverage. Sure, it's a liquid, and can be swallowed or gulped, but so is gasoline. Real people do not read at Starbucks. Well, sure they read... text messages, e-mails, stupid things celebrities have recently done, memes, and maybe this blog. But they don't "read" read.

Your first apartment did not become a home until there was equipment for hot beverages on the premises, and a bookshelf. As well as a lightsource.

In further news: Although I have a cell phone (because the landline was unsustainable given the static), which would allow me to text or cruise the internet, I have not used it for either of those activities, and don't take it out of the house. It sits where the old landline phone sat. It is my home phone. I shall never be in a situation where I need to make an emergency call while in transit. My car will not break down in a wilderness, I will not be stranded beside a freeway in outer Sonoma County surrounded by howling savages, I shan't be bored stiff at Starbucks.

I don't go to Starbucks.

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