Monday, February 14, 2022


An excellent reason for that early morning walk with a pipe is sanity. The medical profession naturally does not see it that way; they appreciate the exercise -- good for circulation, stamina, and biological processes, keeps the old fossil trim -- as well as the stability and regularity that an early morning jaunt around the neighborhood represents. But they would prefer it if I did so without smoking. Not realizing that if I didn't have to go outside to smoke, I might not go outside at all. Not in the middle of winter. And although February in Northern California this year is remarkably semi-tropic, unlike the rest of the country where it's subzero and snowed under good lord we've seen the photos of backporches covered in snow including an unrecognizable lump which may be your barbecue OR a Canadian trucker hiding from the gazpacho police it's so sad someone should do something damned Democrats pray to Jesus Fox News Fox News Fox News forcrapsakes oh the humanity, early morning walkies with a pipe are normal, whereas early morning walkies without smoking aren't.

Besides. I'm quite insane shortly after waking up. Need my coffee and bloodpressure meds. Those two things, especially if kicked on track by a several block stroll with a pipe filled with Red Virginia, get the mental juices flowing, so that the crusty fossil, upon his return, is fully zip, zap, zip-zap-diddly-o awake. And capable of interacting like a civilized person with morning people like his apartment mate, who has come bounding out of her room fully human and filled with piss and vinegar, ready to fix herself breakfast and talk about Prince Andrew, vocalize for the small furry critters, encourage anarchic behaviour among them too.
She's been on about Prince Andrew for a while now. She's heavily Aspergers, so she'll hammer on a subject in depth until she knows way more about it than any normal human being, quite obsessively, and at great length. Unlike this blogger, for instance. I've only mentioned pipes and HK milk tea once or twice, and consequently those subjects are still fresh for my readers, and they still have great interest.

Prince Andrew, as you know, is a notorious British military pilot and pederast, boon companion of Jeffrey Epstein, associate of Clinton, Trump, Sheikh Abdullah, and everyone who flocked to Paradise Island, and pompous twat lying through his teeth in a 2019 interview which exposes his total prickishness and uppercrustian oh-so-superior-to-the-common-folk arrogance.

"I can't sweat, and I eat pizza"

For the past fortnight I've been hearing about Prince Andrew regularly. Her extensive reading keeps turning up new angles of royal war hero sleaze and rich and famous perversion, or new interpretive approaches. I'm rather sick and tired of it, and him -- just take him out and shoot him, fercrapsakes, guillotine the entire royal family -- and wish that upper class Englishmen would just stick to sodomy with sailors for their jollies. But a person with Aspergers never does anything lightly. I'll be hearing about this for many more months. At six in the morning.

Good college lecturers and people with severe Aspergers often have one characteristic in common: they'll explain a subject in clear and comprehensive detail. But it's not for your benefit; they're framing it and perspectivizing it verbally for their greater understanding.
You're just there as the sounding board.

The early walk is good. The pipe full of tobacco is a splendid excuse, as well as enjoyable, and nicotine has known benefits to cognition and mental acuity, as well as short term memory and retention. Plus it keeps me from hearing about Prince Andrew for the better part of an hour at a time of day when I need to avoid hearing about sleazy royal perverts most.

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