Monday, February 21, 2022


It's a valid question. Candace Owens called for the United States to invade Canada. No, not because they have oil or bananas, which are our usual reasons for military intervention, but because Trudeau had had enough of the rabid dog "truckers" sabotaging the economy and throwing big ole hissies.

STOP talking about Russia. Send American troops to Canada to deal with the tyrannical reign of Justin Trudeau Castro. He has fundamentally declared himself dictator and is waging war on innocent Canadian protesters and those who have supported them financially.
--- Candace "raving dingo" Owens [2:58 AM · Feb 20, 2022]

One could say she's out of her mind. But that's ignoring two things, namely that there is no mind for her to be out of there, and her demand reflects mainstream Republican thinking.

Her comments mirror those of other right-wing morons, including Donald Trump.

So she's definitely crazy. But is she a psychopath?

Psychopath: a chronically nuts person evincing abnormal and/or violent behavior.

That perfectly describes Donald Trump and many Fox News personalities, as well as all the Republicans I am forced to deal with on occasion. But she might just be a Christian.
As well as simply ignorant crypto-Nazi slime.
That ALSO perfectly describes the Republicans I've dealt with.
Many of whom couldn't find Canada on a map.
Hint: it's bigger than Texas.

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