Wednesday, February 09, 2022


It turns out that the landlord next door is a grandfather of something recent enough to require an infant seat. Which suggests that when I moved into this building years ago his own offspring was still an infant. Never saw her, never even noticed that he had a family. As I was returning from my walk I saw the all of them out in front of his building unloading from a car.

One seldom thinks of people one knows as old enough. Or young enough. They just are.
I expect that any year now I'll be informed that so and so is a grandmother.
And somebody else now has children. Quite unexpectedly!
Only yesterday they were a brat!

That seems to happen more often with suburbanites. Must be something biological.

Kronos, from Wikipedia

The goddess Athena sprang fully grown from her father's forehead, after he had eaten her mother. Indicating that the ancient Greeks may have had only the slimmest grasp of biology and reproduction, especially as it concerned the supernatural. Kronos' grandaughter is not known for familial devotion. Which isn't surprising, given that Kronos castrated his father with a sickle (and is therefore god or patron of the harvest). Kronos ate his children.
One suspects that the ancient Greeks had "issues".
Or a queer sense of humour.

How fortunate that we don't follow the Greeks!

I would make a great elderly male relative. I could tell the little brats all about the old days and the golden age of the ancient world. While keeping them away from sharp objects.

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