Sunday, February 27, 2022


For reasons which do not interest me in the slightest, both the rightwing and the leftwing in Latin America are supporting Putin. There are reasons why one shouldn't visit those countries, quite apart from their corruption, inefficiencey, and pervasive ties to narcotics, extortion, rapine, slaughter, and bananas. Oh, and the fact that after WWII they welcomed Nazi warcriminals.
But let us not get into that; detailing these matters would take all night.

Brazil is particularly loathesome in these regards, besides always cheating at soccer. The entire country is one giant favela, with a homicide rate that's staggering, plus kidnappings, extortion, and violent robberies on a stupendous scale. To which the local educated elites turn a blind eye, blaming those problems on international bankers, Americans, and globalists.

Brazil is, of course, best known for a bean sludge with inedible things.
It is their most significant cultural achievement.
They have little art or literature.

Given all that, support for Vladimir Putin was almost inevitable.
A nekulturni "hero" for a people who worship that.
Onbeschofte klooijakken.

Next up (possibly): why Belarus is the Florida of Europe.

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