Friday, February 25, 2022


As everyone here knows, the turkey vulture (Sydney Fylbert) likes his tucker. I mean, he really really likes it. Eating is his favourite activity, and his appetites are often the reason why the other roomies look at him askance, or even threaten him with a smack down. He says that the imaginary little girl hamster who visits every afternoon looks like a delicious juicy meatball.
And he wishes to find out what she tastes like.

The other roomies are VERY fond of Clarissa (the little girl hamster).
And will not countenance a rapacious skeevy type eating her.
Often, the auras of menace nearly strangle him.
Some of the roomies are dangerous.

So, of course, we share our food with him. To disfamiliarize him with the natural diet of turkey vultures in the wild. Which are things like cow cadaver washed up on the banks of the Ganges (well, Sacramento River in this case) and dead seagulls out in the mudflats that line the bay. Along with pearlescent unidentifiable critters long expired.

They're nature's little frat boys.

For some queer reason he thinks that his natural diet includes cabbages and little cherry turnovers, as well as in summer delicious bowls of icecream. Or it should.
And charming little girl hamsters.

For a long time, whenever I finished a drawing of a briar pipe or Hong Kong or a particular food stuff, he would paintively ask when it was his turn to be illustrated. Why didn't I ever paint him? Wasn't he good enough?
Well, it was finally his turn . I think the resultant illustration shows the stark beauty and majesty of a carrion eater very well. He's reclining on my bed, looking expectant -- surely there will be something good to eat -- not fully cognizant of the fact that I don't eat breakfast, and won't be around for several hours. There are bags of cookies nearby, he'll have to snack on those if he gets peckish before I return.

There might be sausage after that. Curry wurst.
Using some Thai curry paste for flavour.
Plus mixed vegetables.

This is the perfect food for a turkey vulture.
Makes their feathers glossy.

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