Friday, February 04, 2022


There is Chinese food that you will regret eating, and you know you will regret it when you order. Such as baked salmon in cream sauce (焗芝士白汁三文魚) on a bed of rice with (lots of) melted cheese. Which was never-the-less excellent, and I'll certainly have it again.
Delicious with hot sauce.

Two bowls of tobacco afterwards, hardly any heartburn.
That started on the way home, on the bus.
Roaring by tea time
A sane man would have looked at "guk ji si paak jap saam man yü" and said "oh hell no". Even though it came with soup and a cup of milk-tea. A sane man would have, knowing that it lurked in wait (which I didn't), stayed the heck home.

A sane man would have written off the entire first few days of Chinese New Year as a lost cause, given that so many eateries were closed for up to a week, to keep bad luck from walking in the door. Such as the bakery up the street from the baked cheesy salmon.

But a man sometimes needs a sit down meal at a table in a clean restaurant, with cutlery, a bowl of corn chowder, and a nice hot cuppa.

And you may have noticed that I'm slightly obsessive.

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