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To a Chinese person, pumkin is associated with soup. Specifically, a rich chicken-laden soup, or a coconut broth soup, or something with black mushroom, meat stock, tonic herbs.
Even a delightful tomato and vegetable broth with pork bones.

To Americans, pumpkin is linked with candles. Pie. Frappucino. And vegans.

Vegans are connected with the words “eccentric”, “arrogant”, “preachy”, “militant”, “uptight”, “stupid”, and “sadistic”." As well as, for people with big vocabularies, "pissant Protestant dickwads". Except for snooty Gujaratis, most vegans are karens.

If you're in the United States and you smell pumpkins, run.

One of my favourite Yi-Xing teapots is shaped like a pumpkin, with some leaves. It is on the shelf with five other teapots, two incense burners, and a jar of brushes.
I do not associate pumpkins with food.

Which is probably why a good friend sent me a recipe for something he calls "mac'n cheese", containing pasta, gorgonzola cheese, applewood smoked bacon, chili flakes, a mashed salted anchovy, and pumpkin purée. Which except for that last item, looks rather good. Yummy, even.

Normally I am willing to experiment with food. And I tend to think of goofball recipiation as money well spent. So I think I'll try this, but replacing the pumpkin.
With something that is edible.

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