Monday, February 14, 2022


The apartment mate came wandering into the teevee room dangling a brassiere. No, she was fully dressed. It's something connected with drying laundry while reading about Donald Trump's accountants. Not anything connected with Valentine's Day. She has no man in her life, I have no woman in mine.

What does a crusty old bachelor do on Valentine's Day? He goes out to have 蝦醬三絲炒米粉 (stinky fish sauce three shreds stirfried rice noodles) with a cup of 奶茶 (milk tea) at a place where the waitress refers to him as a fake ghost-devil (because 'real' ghost-devils don't order from specials listed on the wall). Listening to loud boisterous conversation while scarfing down hot food is just the ticket on a cold day. Then he goes home and stares intently at his brand new home made haircut as reflected in a hand held electronic communication device. "Son, in my day we didn't have cell phones, no sir! We pointed fax machines at our heads!"
BTW, mimeograph machines are very romantic. That too.

It's colder today than yesterday. I came home early because of that. We Dutch are more acclimatized to warmer weather. Morocco, Lago Di Como, the Costa Del Sol.
North American winters are deadly.

It's fifty one degrees outside.


The intelligent eye measures brassieres by the area covered, not by volume. Some women have underwear that's small and uncomfortable, others have common sense and don't like abusing their flesh. I believe some people collect such things.

I do not. While I admit to obsessiveness, my collecting appetites are pottery, books, and smoking equipment (briar pipes).
There is a neurosis at work in all three categories.

As just one example, the pipe I smoked after lunch is one of two associated with a certain alley, and a short story I wrote seven years ago and posted on this page.

Same place. Same pipe. Same alleyway.

It was compulsive.

If I were a female, my brassiere in this weather would be larger than necessary, and padded. And maybe two layers of sweater instead of one. That way I could have stayed out longer enjoying my pipe.

I'll dress warmer tomorrow.

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