Saturday, February 26, 2022


Going out for a last smoke late at night in the darkened streets of the city, one realizes that the streets aren't actually that dark. One can read out there. Except that they are a little too noisy, as there are skeevy types, tipsy yuppies, and just plain weirdoes about.
So the mind wanders as much as as the feet will roam.


There must be some way that the governement can shut down Fox Corporation for spreading lies, disinformation, and Russian propaganda. Other than broadcasting the Simpsons they serve no good purpose, and arguing that they have constitutional protection is specious.
Also, it's time to authorize ivermectin, essential oils, and bleach as treatments for Republicans hospitalized with Covid; they too serve no useful purpose.

On Friday and Saturday I got to listen to the conservatives blathering about events. I myself no longer speak with them, because one cannot have a useful conversation with people still angry that they lost the Civil War (one of them is also upset that we lost the Vietnam war, even though he never would have met his current wife if we hadn't), and they're a bunch of narrow minded mean spirited f*ckers.

Hearing their discussion was instructive. They deem themselves pretty smart cookies.
And they have solutions to all af the world's problems.

I watched that Vietnamese American "make America great, great again, Donald Trump" video on youtube again. Good lord those people are morons.

Donald Trump, Mike Pompeo, and Tucker Carlson are traitors and Russian assets.

I've given up trying to explain Texas, I just can't; it's a f*cking shithole state.

By the way, the title of this post contains a glaring misspelling.
It was done on purpose; a lighthearted note of silliness.
The Republicans I know wouldn't understand.
Spelling is not their skillset.
Nor reading.

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