Friday, February 11, 2022


All over the MAGA States, yokels are hiding from chilled Iberian mixed vegetable soup. But they should take comfort in the fact that it goes GREAT with grits. Just grit and bear it, Bubba. Now, I can well understand their fear. In the days before I had a blender, making it necessitated pressing the vegetable muck through a sieve two or three times -- it was essential that one use a bit of strength there - and one was tempted to just boil it all till soft, to make it easier.
But blenders have put it within everyone's reach.
Tomatoes, cucumbers, garlic, olive oil. Dash of vinegar or squeeze of lime. Salt. Paprika. Pinch of cumin. In appearance the ever-threatening soup that results looks remarkably like the sauce for murgh makhni, which is also threatening, as well as a robust cream of tomato soup such as one might order at a "foreign" restaurant where they're familiar with canned foods.

Such a soup, if properly constructed, is a work of art.
But no matter how complex it is, it is not sentient.
Contrary to what Northwest Georgia thinks.
And it's splendid with some grits.

Needs a dash of tabasco.
A Yankee condiment.

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