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Tuesday, January 31, 2017


Courtesy of Clare on the internet, I have discovered that I really don't watch enough television. In consequence of which bad habit (not watching), an entire series of festive recipes and cooking tips went by unnoticed.

My holiday season would have been so much better with the breadbowl or the fruitcake. I regret lost opportunities!

However, there is still time to make the Superbowl get-together memorable.

With a party-pleaser that has something for everyone!



This is the first Raccookin' video I ever saw. It was the one that Clare placed under one of my comments, on a picture provided by a correspondent whom I have known interwebbishly for over a decade.
I have now watched all the others.
They are inspirational.


This Sunday the game will be on in "the lounge", and the doors closed. It's a private event, buy-in fifty dollars, for the unbearable cigar afficionados in good standing in Marin County.
I do not intend to be there past three twenty five or so, the Heckman has those boys all to himself. But maybe this wonderful eaty thing will tell the stogey-huffing sportsfans there what I really think of them, as well as their final whooptie-do of the football season, as I myself enjoy the quiet city, the clear air without car fumes, and the vast array of garbage that San Francisco has become. It's so eclectic!

I'm not eating Italian this Sunday; it will probably be something Chinese instead, in a quiet place where they will be glad to see me.

It will be a celebratory thing.
You betcha.

[For an inkling of my relationship with cigar smokers, see: THE WALL.]

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