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Monday, January 02, 2017


Someone in Canada wants me to take a medicine I cannot pronounce. It would have been pronounceable if instead of deleting the fifteen comments that mentioned it I had attentively scoped out the texts, but instead I dumped them on the spam heap of recent history. Click.

In some ways, I wish I could do that to the entire past year. No, not because all my favourite celebrities passed away -- most of them I had hardly heard of, some of them were quite unknown, and several were minor deities with whose life work I was quite unfamiliar -- but because it was, on the whole, a remarkably unpleasant year.

Even the greatest personal victory in that time was, if you think about it, minor and extremely petty. And not really a cause for great jubilation.
I cleaned up my Facebook, and de-friended bucket loads of people.
Many of whom chose the past year to reveal themselves.
Gibberant, foolish, irredeemable.

Berniacs, Stein supporters, conspiracist, anti-vax.
Any anti-Semites, a few Jew-o-philes.

I also axxed the Christians.
Just "that" kind.
Not all.

You know, into every life some Christians must fall. But there is no reason to tolerate very many of them, and certainly not a certain type.
They can be quite the pest.

I am beginning to understand the Roman Emperors, and sympathize with their strongly held belief in the combustibility of the faithful.

Fortunately a few notorious "believers" also passed away this year, several of them adulated for their high achievements, though I cannot claim to have cared much about them till their death week. They were rather like many of the other celebrities who croaked, in that respect. Eliciting a mumbledly apathetic "who?" as well as "g'ddam, why are all my remaining friends having the vapours over that man/woman/thing?"

Did Mother Theresa die?
I cannot remember.

I miss The Artist Formerly Known As Prince, though. Whom Boy George described as a midget dipped in a bucket of pubic hair.
Not so much the music, as that image.

To the best of my knowledge there was nothing wrong with him.


In the coming twelve months I am going to continue the behaviour and the intolerances of the past twelve. There is no reason to change that, nor to endure a greater spectrum of dunderheads.
They have every right to exist.
Just not in my life.

I have no New Year Resolutions. Not because I claim that perfection has been realized, or that further efforts in that direction are a waste of time, but because I am a realist and intend to play it by ear.

I'll probably become a little older.
And more grouchy.

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  • At 8:07 AM, Anonymous The Blocked Dwarf said…

    I watched ZDF's (German TV- if you can recall how awful Dutch TV was in your youth then you will appreciate just how dire German TV is over the Feast Of Ringing Cash Tills) snappily entitled "Political Pictures Of The Year 2016". A look-back-in Bratwurst with lashings of 'concerned' liberal slightly Green German journalistic eyewash sauce at the major news events of the last year.

    God was it a depressing year. You know a year was bad when the only thing to smile about was that bloody smiley volcano in Hawaii (?)! Not even a decent dancing cat in a tutu playing the recorder meme. Internets you have failed me!

    Seems every star of my childhood is either dead or has been locked up for kiddy fiddling...or both.

    Happy New Year Dude...I followed a link from Dutch Pipe Smoker btw.

  • At 7:14 PM, Blogger The back of the hill said…

    Well, on the one hand: 357 more days until Christmas!

    On the other hand: if you can get your cat to wear a tutu, you are a better man than I am ..... and you may be up on charges of self-endangerment soo.

    On the third hand: It was a horrible year. But the next one ought to be very educational. I'm not sure that that will make up for it.

    On the fourth hand: THIS. It's sacrilege, is what.

  • At 3:51 AM, Anonymous The Blocked Dwarf said…

    "Hanging is too good for some people", as Granny Dwarf would have said, mind you she would have said it yiddish- not that she was jewish, she just liked annoying people.

    On the subject of Xians (i am one although i try not to talk about in polite society): As i put it to a white witch (a proper one , not one of those 'Blessed Be' Wiccans) whom i was discussing theology with the other day: "My Lord commanded me to *love* my brothers and sisters in the faith, he didn't say no nuffink about *liking* the buggers!"


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