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Tuesday, January 10, 2017


Somebody recently posted as an argument against women's liberation (or empowerment, or equality) the following clarion call: "have kids get married and be happy - feminism leads down a dark path of cats, pizza, and wine."
That actually sounds pretty good. I need to know more feminists. On a rainy day like today I could call up and say: "do you mind if I stop by?", and a feminist might respond "come on over, I started on the pizza and wine early; me and the cats are watching 1950s horror movies".
As I said, pretty darn good.


On work days I deal with a lot of cigar smokers, of which unfortunately and unsurprisingly the overwhelming majority are men. Who, when women are not around, drop their pants and reveal themselves as insensitive superficial over-entitled middle-class clods. Their company is not as enjoyable as they think, and their utterances prove that you don't have to stupid to be dumb as a bag of hammers. Yes, most of them are decent enough. Some of them also show some likable characteristics. Sparks of sweetness.
But good lord they're a bunch of door posts.

To put it differently, they are typical male fellow citizens, and perfectly suited to the typical female fellow citizen.

The dark path that leads to cats, pizza, and wine, sounds rather attractive. During inclement weather alluring even. Like a door into summer, or a wardrobe between worlds. A dimensional portal.

"Feminism leads down a dark path of cats, pizza, and wine."

Ladies, please raise your daughters to be feminists.
Encourage tool-use and scientific curiosity.
Introduce them to pizza early.

There are cats!

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  • At 11:14 AM, Anonymous gastronomically amphibious said…

    As long as it's red wine (preferably a foothills Zinfandel, a Russian River or Anderson Valley Pinot, or a good Apulian Primitivo), sign me up.


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