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Wednesday, January 18, 2017


In response to Adrian:

"I'm starting to build up a stockpile of that dark flake. Though at present I'm going through a tin of McConnell's. Either product makes a rainy day special. Two hours ago I sheltered with a pipe in the doorway of Chong Imports (they've moved, so no one can object to my smoke), while rain and fog blattered the construction cranes a few blocks away, sticking up like Japanese Mecha over the buildings of the Financial District, glowing with the spotlights illuminating the work that goes on even at night. Probably one of the most enjoyable smokes this month."

Adrian was having coffee three hours ago. When it was approximately eight in the morning, and 65 degrees. Precipitation there is minimal today.

At that time I was drinking hot milk-tea.
And having my first meal of the day.
I got a very late start.
Tea time.

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